How to Stop Spam Pop Ups

By Kefa Olang

Spam pop-up ads are not just annoying when browsing the Internet; they can also be dangerous because hackers use them to download tracking cookies and other malicious programs that can damage your computer. They pop-up when you visit certain websites and slow down browser speed by consuming volumes of RAM (memory). While it is not possible to stop spam pop-up ads completely, you can take steps to remove most of them and protect your computer from malicious activity in the process.

Step 1

Turn on the pop-up blocker on your web browser. Most web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari include in-built pop-up blockers to stop spam ads. How to turn on the pop-up blocker varies with different browsers, but can generally be performed from the tools (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) or preferences (Safari) menu.

Step 2

Download and install a third-party toolbar that include powerful pop-up blocking tools to support your web browser. Toolbars such as Google, Yahoo! and Dogpile are free and include pop-up blockers to stop spam ads.

Step 3

Run spyware removal tools to get rid of tracking cookies and other spyware installed your computer by spam pop-up ads. Download and install a free program such as AVG (see Resources) if you do not have a spyware removal tool. AVG is an Antivirus program that includes an inbuilt spyware remover.

Step 4

Launch the program after it has installed and click the "Update" button on the left panel to install the latest spyware and virus definitions. Click "Scan" and delete all detected tracking cookies ( and malicious files.

Step 5

Clear your browser cache and history frequently to remove clutter that spam pop-up adds use to attempt to steal personal information. Clearing browser cache and history varies depending on the web browser but can generally be performed from the browser options console.

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