How to Stop YouTube Autoplay

By Julius Vandersteen

When you watch videos on YouTube, the free video-hosting website, you can save your favorites in a playlist, so you can easily play them whenever you want. For example, you might enjoy watching bloopers made by TV weather forecasters, or kittens and other baby animals at play. YouTube has an autoplay feature so you can watch all of your videos one after the other without interruption. If you prefer to watch videos one at a time as you click on them, you can easily disable the autoplay feature.

Step 1

Visit the YouTube website (

Step 2

Log in to your YouTube account.

Step 3

Click your account's pull-down menu, and then click "My Videos" to see a list of your YouTube video playlists.

Step 4

Click on a playlist. A page will open, showing a list of the videos in the playlist.

Step 5

Click on "Play All." The playlist tool bar will appear at the bottom of the page.

Step 6

Hover your mouse over the "Autoplay" button, which has two curved arrows forming a circle. A message will appear, saying "Turn Autoplay Off." Click on the "Autoplay" button to turn the autoplay feature off. Click it again to enable it.