How to Store Cable Boxes With a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

By Tina Parish

Wall-mounted televisions and becoming more and more common in homes. However, they can pose a problem for someone with a cable box, DVD player, or digital video recorders. With the television mounted on the wall, there is hardly a need for a television stand or entertainment center, but you still need a place to store those other items. There a couple potential solutions for this issue. Choose the one that works best for you and your home layout.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable box
  • Console
  • Closet
  • Wiring capability

Store Cable Box and Additional Items in a Console

Step 1

Decide where you would like to put the console. It could be placed underneath the television or in another area of the room, like a corner or empty wall. If the area you have chosen is not located near the television wires or cable outlet, you may have to get creative with how to run the wiring for everything. You could run the wiring through the walls or underneath the flooring. If you are not an experienced electrician, it would be wise to hire one for the job. If this is more work than you want or is out of your budget, it may be simpler to place the console under the television where all the wiring is.

Step 2

Choose a console that will match the room's decor and fit the space you have chosen. It should also have built-in holes in the back to accommodate all of the wires. If you decide to place it under the mounted television, make sure it isn't too tall. You will want room to put things on top of the console without blocking the view of the screen.

Step 3

Put the console in the desired location.

Step 4

Add the cable box and any other items and connect them.

Store Cable Box in Nearby Closet

Step 1

Run the wiring to the closet. If you cannot do it yourself, hire a professional who can.

Step 2

Place the cable box and other applicable items in the closet.

Step 3

Connect everything together.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using a television console is the easiest option.
  • If you are dead set against having a console and opt for the closet option, keep in mind that the cable box and any other items you put there may not be easy to access.
  • Only a professional electrician should attempt rewiring or running new wires in a house.