How to Stream a Computer to a TV Wirelessly

By Alex Ramirez

With more and more data going digital, Apple, Microsoft, and software engineers are creating programs that can stream content directly from your computer to your television. There are dozens of ways to stream videos from your computer to your TV, so you'll want to do a lot of research into which method is best and most convenient for you. Microsoft allows the Xbox 360 to act as a hub between the two electronics, while Apple offers Apple TV for a fee.

Things You'll Need

  • USB streaming device
  • OR
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Vista Home Premium
  • Xbox 360
  • Router

Streaming an Entire Desktop

Step 1

Purchase a connector or hub that will allow you to stream content from your computer to your TV (see Resources).

Step 2

Connect the device to the back of any available spots on your television.

Step 3

Connect the device to your computer. By default, the device should automatically install drivers so it is synced with the computer.

Step 4

Change your television's channel/input setting to the component to which the streaming device is hooked. Once the drivers have finished installing, your desktop should be displayed on the television screen.

Streaming Only Videos

Step 1

Connect your computer and Xbox 360 to a wired or wireless router.

Step 2

Start your Xbox 360 to the Xbox Dashboard.

Step 3

Select "Media Center" from the Media tab. This will bring up an onscreen wizard to connect your console to your computer.

Step 4

Search for your computer using the automated finder. An eight-digit numeric key will appear on screen once the computer has been detected.

Step 5

Write down the eight-digit numeric key. This is needed to match your Xbox 360 to your console.

Step 6

Download and run Microsoft's Media Center Extender software from the Xbox 360 Media Download Center site (see Resources). A window will appear asking for the eight-digit numeric key that the Xbox 360 provided when running the program the first time.

Step 7

Type in the eight-digit numeric key to connect your computer to your Xbox 360.

Step 8

Go to "Media Center" from the Media tab to play or view any photos, videos or songs available from your computer's Windows Media Center.

Tips & Warnings

  • Purchase a connector that is compatible with the slots available on your television.