How to Stream Online Videos Faster

By Greyson Ferguson

Streaming video (typically in the "Flash" video format) runs to a computer directly from an Internet source. Because the video source is streaming you do not need to download the entire video before viewing the content. However, if the video is not running smoothly during playback there are a few methods available to load the videos faster and prevent the content from freezing while playing.

Step 1

Close out other Internet programs and play one video at a time. Streaming videos take up a considerable amount of Internet bandwidth, so watching multiple videos or using several different programs at the same time is going to reduce the overall speed the video loads.

Step 2

Download and install the latest version of Flash. This is available through the website. Running the latest version of the streaming video software helps improve the overall performance of the file.

Step 3

Click "Pause" when the video fist loads onto the screen. This allows the video to buffer before playing. A small display icon appears on the screen, stating when the video has completely buffered. Click "Play" and the video file plays, without pausing or running into playback problems.

Step 4

Upgrade to a faster Internet connection with your Internet provider. The faster your Internet connection the faster online streaming videos is going to download.