How to Stream TV Over the Internet

By Nicholas Pell

Streaming TV over the Internet is one of the most exciting applications of your computer. Gone are the days when you are beholden to whatever is on television at any given moment. Streaming TV allows you to enjoy your old favorites as well as current hits and news sources. Getting started streaming TV over the Internet is easy, takes minimal setup and will account for hours of enjoyment. Once you're watching TV online, you'll wonder how you ever did it the old-fashioned way.

Things You'll Need

  • High speed internet connection
  • Video plugins

Step 1

Sign up for high speed Internet access. Unfortunately, dial up Internet connections do not have the bandwidth for streaming video effectively. Call your Internet provider and ask about high speed access options if you don't already have it.

Step 2

Install video plugins. Video plug-ins are programs that add on to your browser which make it capable of streaming Internet. The most common ones used on the Internet are Adobe Flash and DivX. Adobe Flash and DivX are separate programs which must be downloaded, but install themselves with easy-to-use installation wizards. No special computer knowledge is needed.

Step 3

Restart your browser. Before any installed plugins will work with your web browser, you must quit out of the browser and restart it.

Step 4

Look at television station websites. Many television stations have streaming video that either streams live directly from the channel or are uploaded a day or so after the program originally airs. This is the first place you should start looking for streaming video. Go to the websites of your favorite TV stations and see what they have available for streaming over the Internet.

Step 5

Look at third-party websites. Many third-party websites host streaming TV over the Internet. The most famous of these is which allows you to watch scores of your favorite current and classic television programs with minimal advertising. Google Video is a way to search what is out there, and many television stations and programs upload their content to sites that are searched by Google Video.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keep copyright laws in mind. Do not use websites which illegally stream copyrighted content.