How to Stream VLC to Blu-Ray

By Jason Taetsch

Network-enabled Blu-Ray players allow you to stream content from other devices so the files can be displayed on your TV. You can use the built-in file sharing tools in your operating system to stream your VLC files to the Blu-ray so you don't have to bother with burning your files to a disc to enjoy them on your TV. The VLC or VideoLan Client media player supports playback for the various digital video files on your hard drive. Stream the files to your Blu-ray to play the files directly on your TV's screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Ethernet cable

Step 1

Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the "Ethernet" port on the rear of the Blu-ray player.

Step 2

Insert the other end of the cable into an open "LAN" port on your router or switch. Turn on your TV and your Blu-ray player. Scroll to the "Settings" option in the Blu-ray menu and select "Network." Highlight "Wired Network" and press "Enter" to connect your Blu-ray to your network.

Step 3

Click "Start" on your computer and click "Computer." Click the "Local Disk" option and open the folder that stores the VLC files. Click the "Share With" button on the toolbar. Click "Specific People."

Step 4

Click the name of your Blu-ray player in the prompt that appears and click "Share."

Step 5

Scroll to the "Videos" section on the Blu-ray's menu page and press "Enter." Highlight the VLC video you shared on your computer and press "Enter" to stream the video directly to your TV.