How to Study for Your GED Online for Free

By Missy J. Talbot

The General Education Degree, or GED, is a degree you can receive instead of your high school diploma. The degree proves that you have the knowledge needed to graduate from high school. Most places that require a high school diploma will also accept a GED for their requirement. Without a GED, it's unlikely that you'll be able to get a job that requires a high school education. Although you must take your GED in an accredited testing facility, you can study for the GED for free online.

Step 1

Click on the GED For Free website listed in the References section, or visit another similar GED website. Click on "Start Free Online GED Course." Then, enter your information to start the GED course. Take classes on the GED first, so you know what to expect with the test.

Step 2

Go to the Test Prepreview site and click on "GED Test Study Guide" and "Test Flashcards" in the text to see those pages. Scroll down on the Test Prepreview site and click on each of the modules of study to take self-assessment tests. These tests will let you know which of the subjects you are doing well in, and which you need to study more for. You can also click on the "Self Improvement Directory" for a list of links and pages that will help you improve your text anxiety, study skills and knowledge levels.

Step 3

Visit the Pass GED website. Click on "1" to start the first step, a free, online GED practice test. After you take it, you'll know what your grade would have been if this had been a real GED test. Next, click "2" to brush up on your high school classes. Choose subjects in which you did not do your best on the practice test. Then click on "3" to find information about taking the test. Remember, you cannot take the GED online.