How to Submit a Website to Search Engines

By Techwalla Contributor

Search engines are the most widely used method to find information on the Internet. Being included in search results significantly increases the traffic your site receives. The two top search engines, Google and Bing, include tools and pages to make this easier for webmasters. There are also steps you should take to make it easier for search engine crawlers, or bots, to check your site for updates and easily see the layout of your website.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet connection
  • Your website URL

Step 1

Open your preferred Web browser and head over to Google's Submission page. The simplest tool available lets you submit a single URL for inclusion in Google's index. Although this works perfectly well, creating a Google Webmaster Tools account is a better method. Click the link on Google Submission page to create an account and gain access to additional tools to manage and analyze information about your site and Google specific configurations.

Step 2

Sign up for Bing's Webmaster Toolbox. Yahoo search is now powered by Bing, so these tools cover you for both search engines. Bing doesn't have a single link submission tool outside the Toolbox, but the toolbox includes tools to analyze and submit your whole site and bring individual links to Bing's attention.

Step 3

Create a sitemap and robots.txt file for your website. Some web design tools let you automatically add a sitemap and easily create a robots.txt file. These files tell search engine robots about your site and what pages not to index. Check the and sites for further information on creating the files manually.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use SEO techniques when building your website to get higher page rankings.
  • Only submit your site ONCE to each engine.
  • Make sure you use a PAGE TITLE on each page of your website.