How to Submit My Website to Baidu

By April Ort

Baidu is the Chinese equivalent of Google. It is the second largest search engine in the world and has the potential to reach 130 million Internet users, according to the Teeky website. This is great news for those wishing to expand the global reach of their websites. Since Baidu is compiled in Chinese characters, it can be challenging for English-speaking persons to navigate the website and successfully submit their web pages to the search engine. With a direct link and the proper submission application, you can increase your potential website hits exponentially by listing your web page with Baidu.

Step 1

Go to the submission page for Baidu (see Resources).

Step 2

Enter the URL of the web page you would like submitted to Baidu in the first text box on the page. It will already have the "http://" prefix.

Step 3

Copy the captcha code and type it into the second and smaller text box below where you entered your URL.

Step 4

Click on the "Submit" button, which is displayed in Chinese. This is the only button on the page and is directly after the captcha code text box.

Step 5

Glance at the address bar of your browser to make sure that your website was successfully submitted. If the attempt was fruitful, it should read "success.html" at the end of the URL.

Step 6

Search for your website on Baidu about one month after your initial submission. This is how long it generally takes for your page to show up within the search results.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may see better search results if your website includes some Chinese content.