How to Submit to

By Katrina Matterhorn is a search engine and question-and-answer site that used to be called "Ask Jeeves." When starting a website, one of the most important things you want to do is generate traffic to your site, especially if you are marketing products or services or you want to make money through affiliate advertising. At the beginning, most of the traffic generated to your site will be through search engines, such as You can submit your site to through generating and uploading your site's sitemap.

Step 1

Launch your computer's Web browser and navigate to

Step 2

Type in your sites full URL into the corresponding field. Enter the frequency with which you update the content. Select "None" for "Server's Response."

Step 3

Select "None" for "Priority" and click "Start." Wait for your sitemap to be generated.

Step 4

Upload the site map to your Web server's root directory.

Step 5

Launch a new Web browser and enter " to sitemap)" into the URL field. Change "path to sitemap" to the actual path to your sitemap. Press "Enter." You will see a message display stating that your sitemap submission to was successful.