How to Switch From Cable to Free Digital TV

By Carter McBride

If your cable bill is too high or you watch only television stations that you can get for free, you may want to consider changing to free digital television. To convert, you need an antenna that uses a coaxial cable. This is a common antenna that you may already have at your house. If your television has an RF jack rather than a coaxial input, you also need a converter box.

Things You'll Need

  • Television with coaxial jack or a converter box
  • Antenna with coaxial cable jack

Step 1

Connect your television directly to the antenna using a coaxial cable if your television has a coaxial jack.

Step 2

Connect the antenna to a converter box using a coaxial cable if your television does not have coaxial jacks. Be sure to connect the cable to the converter box's "In" jack. Connect the converter box to your television using the "Out" jack and the cable that comes with the converter box.

Step 3

Check that you are receiving free digital channels.

Step 4

Call your cable company and cancel your cable.