How to Switch on the Webcam on a Dell Inspiron

By Amanda Kondolojy

The Dell Inspiron series of laptops are known for their small size and high-end features. Many current models of the Inspiron have built-in webcams that can be used with live chatting software such as Microsoft Live Messenger or Skype. Enabling the webcam on the Dell Inspiron is a very easy process will allow you to chat, record video and take pictures with your computer.

Step 1

Find the webcam icon in the system tray. Right-click this icon and then select "Launch Webcam Center" from the sub-menu.

Step 2

Wait for the program to launch. Once it does, you will see a small blue light illuminate next to your webcam, indicating that it is on. You can now take pictures and record video from the webcam center.

Step 3

Open software that supports webcams. If you have software like Skype or Windows Live Messenger, you can open their webcam utility function to power on the webcam.

Tips & Warnings

  • The webcam automatically powers off when not in use to save power.