How to Switch to Metro PCS

By Chappy Sinclair

MetroPCS is a prepaid mobile phone carrier available in a majority of the United States. Unlike other carriers such as Sprint and AT&T, MetroPCS does not require a background check or a contract. Payments are made on a monthly basis (or as stated by your payment plan) and failure to pay will only result in a suspension of service. If you're switching to MetroPCS from a different carrier, you will have the option of transferring your old phone number to your MetroPCS account.

Step 1

Select a phone. There are a variety of MetroPCS phones (including smartphones, sliders and bar style) available online and at any MetroPCS retailer. Phones vary in price and are usually discounted when purchased with a new plan.

Step 2

Select a plan. MetroPCS offers different plans based on voice, text and data packages. No contracts are required. Some phones (such as Blackberry) may require a certain plan to utilize some of its features. See "Resources" for a comparison chart of MetroPCS plans.

Step 3

Activate your phone and service. You can activate your phone online, over the phone or at a MetroPCS retailer. If you need a demonstration of how your phone works or you have a lot of questions about the phone and the service, you may find it more convenient to activate the phone and service at a MetroPCS retailer. If you have a phone number from a previous mobile carrier that you want to transfer, you will be able to do so at the time of activation.