How to Sync a Google Android With Outlook Tasks

By Meg North

The Android smart phone works with Google Mobile and provides a Google Calendar app so you can access your Google Calendar right from your phone. However, if you use Microsoft Outlook to coordinate your schedule with tasks and events, you need to sync Outlook to Google Calendar first, before syncing the Google Calendar to your Android smart phone. Once this connection is made, you can add events and tasks to Outlook and automatically sync with both Google Calendar and the Android.

Step 1

Download Google Calendar sync from the Google Calendar Web page (see the "Resources" section of this article).

Step 2

Click "Save File" in the dialog box, and the downloaded file opens automatically.

Step 3

Confirm you understand it is an executable (.exe) file, by clicking "OK."

Step 4

Click "I Agree" at the end of Google's "Terms of Service" agreement.

Step 5

Click "Install" to finish the setup process. In the Google Calendar Sync window, enter your email and password, then choose your "Sync Options." Choose the time in the "Sync every ... minutes" box, then click "Save."

Step 6

Click the Google Calendar Sync icon in the system tray to sync between Outlook and Google Calendar.

Step 7

Open the "Google Calendar" app on the Google Android smart phone. Press "Menu" and then select "More" and "My calendars." The synced calendar from your Outlook file should show in the list. Now you can add tasks and events.