How to Sync a Jawbone

By William Pullman

The Jawbone is a Bluetooth headset for use with cell phones that have Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth headsets are useful for when you need to free your hands for other activities, such as driving. The Jawbone does not work until it is synced, or paired, to the phone. After pairing the headset to the phone, you can use the Jawbone to control many of the functions on your phone, such as making and answering phone calls.

Step 1

Turn on your cell phone's Bluetooth capability and begin searching for Bluetooth devices. The method for turning on Bluetooth varies from phone to phone. Your phone's user guide will have detailed instructions on turning on Bluetooth and searching for devices.

Step 2

Press and hold the "Noise Shield Button" until the indicator light starts flashing red and white. The headset is in pairing mode when the indicator light starts flashing.

Step 3

Choose "Jawbone" from the list of Bluetooth devices found by your phone. A pop-up message will prompt you for a password.

Step 4

Use the phone's keypad to enter "0000" as the password and press "OK." The headset will beep when the pairing is complete, and the white indicator light will flash eight times. You can now use the headset with your phone.