How to Sync a Jawbone to an iPhone

By Matt McGew

A Jawbone is a Bluetooth headset by Aliph. A Jawbone headset is fully compatible with your iPhone. The first time you connect your iPhone to the Jawbone, you will need to sync or pair the devices. Pairing is the process that allows Bluetooth devices to recognize one another. After the initial pairing, your iPhone will automatically recognize the Jawbone headset when both devices are powered on and placed within range of one another.

Step 1

Power the Jawbone headset off.

Step 2

Place the Jawbone headset within 3 feet of your iPhone.

Step 3

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone.

Step 4

Press the "General" option.

Step 5

Tap "Bluetooth" and move the switch to the right of "Bluetooth" to the "On" position.

Step 6

Press and hold the "Noise Shield" button on your Jawbone headset for about three seconds. The LED indicator light on the Jawbone will flash white and red. Release the "Noise Shield" button.

Step 7

Select the Jawbone headset from the list of available Bluetooth devices on your iPhone.

Step 8

Enter the passkey "0000" when prompted by your iPhone.

Step 9

Wait for your iPhone and the Jawbone to complete the pairing process. Your iPhone will prompt you when the process is complete.