How to Sync a Shared Google Calendar With Outlook

By Jason Hinkley

Google Calendar is a powerful Web application that allows you to create calendars that can be accessed from any computer with a Web browser. Google calendars can be shared with specific users, given their own URL and embedded into websites. Many organizations, however, use Outlook exclusively for their planning needs, a program not installed on many non-business computers. If you want to use the sharing capabilities of Google Calendar but use Outlook at work, you'll have to sync the two.

Step 1

Determine if the version of Outlook and the operating system you're running will support Google's Calendar Sync application. Check the specifications on the computer you'll be syncing on; if you have a computer at home and one at work, but will only be syncing with Outlook at work, only your work computer must be compatible. You can find the requirements in Google's Calendar Help.

Step 2

Download Google's Calendar Sync application. Click on the "Save File" box when prompted and the file will open automatically. Click "Confirm" to acknowledge that it is an executable file. Read and agree to the "Terms of Service." Follow the the rest of the installation prompts.

Step 3

Open the Google Calendar Sync Settings window, after it appears on your desktop. Enter your Google user name and password in the boxes provided.

Step 4

Select a Sync option that is appropriate for your plans. You can enable two-way syncing, and information added in either calendar will be sent to the other one. You can also enable two types of one-way syncing: sending information to Google Calendar from Outlook only, or sending information to Outlook from Google Calendar.

Step 5

Select the frequency that you want your calendars to sync. The more often they sync, the more up to date the information on them will be. Having a program constantly syncing in the background, however, can affect the performance of your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the shared Google calendar is not your primary calendar, the one attached to your email and user name, you will not be able to sync it with Outlook. But you can add any Google calendar to your primary calendar, and then sync your primary calendar with Outlook.