How to Sync iTunes to Android

By Kristie Lorette

Android is a software that is installed on a smart phone and allows you to use various applications on the cell phone. Just as you sync an iPhone with iTunes to manage your videos, pictures and other forms of media, you can sync your Android phone with iTunes. While the Android-loaded smart phones do not come automatically equipped to sync with iTunes, you can download a free app that permits you to do so.

Things You'll Need

  • Android smart phone
  • iTunes account with username and password
  • iTunes installed on your computer

Step 1

Open an Internet browser on your computer.

Step 2

Download the free AirSync app from doubleTwist (see Resources). Save the app to the desktop of your computer so you can easily locate it when you need to open it.

Step 3

Double-click on the AirSync icon on your desktop. Click the "Install" button to finish installing the AirSync app on your computer.

Step 4

Click on the "Finish" button to launch the doubleTwist app on your computer.

Step 5

Search for the doubleTwist app from your Android phone apps. Identify the app and download it on your Android phone.

Step 6

Click on the doubleTwist app on your Android phone to open the app.

Step 7

Click on the "AirSync" icon to upgrade your access so that you can pair your Android phone with your computer. The Android phone will offer you prompts that you should follow. These instructions vary from computer to computer, so follow the instructions on your phone, working near the computer you are pairing.

Step 8

Open your doubleTwist application from your computer. Click on the "Playlists" drop-down arrow option in the left-hand column of your doubleTwist account.

Step 9

Click on the "Playlist Setup" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 10

Place a checkmark in the box that says, "Automatically import iTunes playlist changes."

Step 11

Click on the "Import iTunes Playlist" button. This syncs your playlists from iTunes with the doubleTwist app. The AirSync you installed on your Android phone will automatically sync your iTunes account with your Android phone, as well.