How to Sync Music on an iPhone

By Bennett Gavrish

In addition to its calling and texting features, the Apple iPhone also functions as a media player, which means it can play songs from your music library. To transfer music to your iPhone, you must set up syncing through iTunes on your computer. You can use iTunes to sync music with your iPhone whether you use a Mac or a PC computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Mac or PC computer
  • iTunes 8 or later
  • iPhone USB cable

Step 1

Launch the iTunes application on your computer.

Step 2

Connect your iPhone to your computer using the iPhone USB cable.

Step 3

Click the name of your iPhone underneath the "Devices" list on the left side of the main iTunes window.

Step 4

Go to the "Music" tab at the top of the iPhone configuration screen.

Step 5

Click to check the box next to "Sync Music."

Step 6

Select the playlists, artists or genres that you want to transfer to your iPhone's memory.

Step 7

Click the "Apply" button in the lower-right corner to sync your iPhone and begin transferring music to your device.