How to Sync Music to iTunes

By James Wright

Synchronizing your music from your computer to your iPod is a streamlined, simple process. To transfer your music, all you need to do is plug in your iPod and let iTunes work automatically. However, the reverse process is slightly more difficult. In the event that your computer crashes, your library is lost, damaged or corrupt, it can seem like a daunting task to retrieve your music from your iPod. Luckily, retrieving your music from your iPod and putting it back on your computer isn't as intimidating or difficult as it seems, and it can be done for free.

Step 1

Download and install an iPod transferring program, such as CopyTrans or EphPod. These programs allow you to copy the data from your iPod and put it back on your hard drive.

Step 2

Plug in your iPod to your computer. Be very careful to close iTunes immediately if it pops up. If it is set to synchronize your iPod automatically, it will erase everything on your iPod.

Step 3

Open the program you just downloaded or purchased. Select your iPod from the list. It may be a drop down menu or simply a list of all devices connected to your computer. Select where you want the files to be placed if applicable, then start the transferring process. The program will automatically move all the files to your hard drive.

Step 4

Copy and paste all your music files to your "My Music" folder, then open iTunes. Click "File," then "Add Folder to Library" or "Add File to Library." Navigate to your "My Music" folder. Select the songs/music folders you want to import into iTunes. You may need to do this process multiple times if your files are scattered.

Step 5

Organize your library to your preferences. You will have to create new playlists manually, as metadata is not saved in the files you transfer to your computer. Test the songs by attempting to play them in iTunes. If they all work properly, plug in your iPod safely.

Tips & Warnings

  • To avoid the need for transferring your music off your iPod in case of an emergency, consider backing up your iTunes music folder to an external hard drive or another computer every so often. If your computer crashes, all you would then need to do is move your music folder to your computer from its backup location.