How to Sync My iPad Through a USB

By Spanner Spencer

The iPad can be synchronized with your computer using Apple's iTunes multimedia management software, which creates a backup of the iPad's settings and contents. You can use this backup to restore the iPad to a previous state, to set up a new iPad the same as your previous one, or as part of a troubleshooting procedure. ITunes synchronization can only be performed via USB cable.

Things You'll Need

  • ITunes

Step 1

Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer, following the installation instructions detailed on the Apple website. Once installation is complete, launch iTunes by double-clicking its icon on the desktop.

Step 2

Connect the iPad to the computer using its USB cable. ITunes will automatically detect the iPad and add it to the "Devices" section in the left column.

Step 3

Select the iPad from the "Devices" menu and open the "Summary" tab in the main iTunes window.

Step 4

Click the "Sync" button to synchronize the iPad with iTunes, and to create a backup of the iPad's settings and content on the computer. A "Sync in Progress" message will be displayed on the iPad's screen. Once synchronization has completed, the iPad can be disconnected.

Tips & Warnings

  • Synchronization may initiate automatically as soon as the iPad is connected to the computer.
  • The iPad will only charge very slowly from a standard computer USB socket, so ensure it is well charged before beginning synchronization so the process isn't interrupted by a flat battery.