How to Sync Photos to an iPad

By Anne Hirsh

Synchronizing photos from your PC to your iPad is not much more difficult than the regular sync you perform to set up and back up your iPad. As with all iPad syncing, you need the current version of iTunes on your PC. Make sure you know where the photos you want to sync are located on your computer, whether that is on a desktop folder, in the "Pictures" folder or elsewhere. This makes finding them easier once you begin the sync process.

Things You'll Need

  • iPad USB cable

Step 1

Plug your iPad cable into the dock port on your iPad, and plug the USB end into your computer. Remove the wall charger to access the USB connector if you do not see the USB end.

Step 2

Close any "Autoplay" popup windows that appear and launch iTunes if it does not automatically start. Wait for it to list your iPad under "Devices."

Step 3

Swipe the unlock bar on your iPad to cancel the sync process if it starts automatically. You will want to sync after you direct it to the photos.

Step 4

Click the "Photos" option in the top menu in the main iTunes window.

Step 5

Click to place a check mark in the "Sync photos from" box, and then choose "Choose folder" from the drop-down list beside it.

Step 6

Browse to the folder with your photos in the window that appears and click to select the folder.

Step 7

Click the button next to "All folders" to sync all photos in subfolders within this folder, or "Selected folders" to select only certain folders. Select the specific folders from the pane that appears below the selection window.

Step 8

Check or un-check the "Include videos" button, depending on whether or not you want to sync any videos in the folders to your iPad as well.

Step 9

Click "Apply" in the lower right corner. This automatically begins the sync. Wait until iTunes shows the message "iPad sync is complete" before you disconnect your iPad or attempt to access it.

Step 10

View your synced photos in the Photos app native to the iPad software. If your pictures were separated into folders, tap "Albums" to view them by folder.