How to Sync Yahoo With Gmail

By Marie Cartwright

Combining your email accounts can be a real boost for your productivity. Rather than hopping back and forth between accounts, you can consolidate all of your messages into one central location. By forwarding your Yahoo mail to your Gmail account, you can save yourself the trouble of having both accounts open at once. Though there is no way to import your existing Yahoo messages into your Gmail account, configuring your Yahoo account to forward all new messages takes only a minute.

Step 1

Go to the POP & Forwarding page within your Yahoo Mail settings. Select the "Forward Your Yahoo Mail" radio button.

Step 2

Type your Gmail address into the "Forward Mail to the Following Address" field. Click "Save Changes." This will launch the Verify Email Address window.

Step 3

Click the "Send Code" link within the Verify Email Address window to send a confirmation email to your Gmail account. Open your Gmail account in a new browser tab. Find the automatic email message from Yahoo Member Services. Copy the confirmation code from this email. Return to the Verify Email Address window. Paste the code into the text field and click "Done." If your Yahoo account has been configured correctly, you will see a green checkmark with the phrase "The account has been verified successfully."