How to Synch Contacts From an iPhone to a Computer

By Techwalla Contributor

Contact information is crucial regardless of whether the people are business or personal contacts. Many of us store our contact information on our phones; no quicker way to keep someone's phone number than by entering and saving it into your iPhone's address book. What happens if you damage or lose your iPhone, however? Back your contact information up on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • iPhone USB cable

Step 1

Connect your iPhone's USB cable to the computer.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the cable to the iPhone.

Step 3

Open iTunes if it doesn't open on its own.

Step 4

Select "iPhone" from the iTunes window.

Step 5

Windows users select "Sync Contacts with"; Mac users opt for "Sync Address Book Contacts."

Step 6

Choose either to sync all of your contacts on your iPhone or select the contacts you wish to sync to your computer.

Step 7

Click "Apply" to sync your contacts to your computer.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can set up your iTunes so that each time you connect your iPhone to the computer your contacts will automatically sync.