How to Synchronize a Yahoo Calendar With Outlook

By Fatima Farakh

Yahoo! Calender is a service provided by Yahoo! to be used on the Web. It serves millions of users worldwide as one of the largest online calender services. Users must have a free Yahoo! ID or an account with Yahoo! to use the Yahoo! Calender service. The calender also reads feeds from other calenders published on different websites that use the Yahoo! Calender interface. Yahoo! Calender can be easily synchronized with Microsoft Outlook using Yahoo! Sync Beta.

Step 1

Switch to the Calender Beta interface. Go to the Beta Calender website address provided in the Resource section.

Step 2

Click the "Get Started" button on the right side of the page.

Step 3

Select your time zone from the drop-down menu.

Step 4

Click "Go to the New Calender."

Step 5

Close Microsoft Outlook and install Yahoo! Sync Beta from the website provided in the Resource section.

Step 6

Read the "End User License Agreement" and click "I Accept" at the bottom of the page. Click "Save," open the downloaded file and wait until installation completes.

Step 7

Open Outlook and right-click on the round orange circle that appears at the bottom-right of the sync screen. This will begin your first sync between Outlook and Yahoo! Calender.

Tips & Warnings

  • Back up all of your data in Outlook before syncing it with Yahoo! Calender to avoid any potential data loss.