How to Synchronize Outlook and iCal

By Katrina Matterhorn

Microsoft Outlook is an email application that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. iCal is the Mac OS calendar program. Both applications offer syncing capabilities; however, they do not have the ability to sync directly with each other. You can still sync them using your Google calendar as the intermediary. Once you sync your Outlook calendar with your Google calendar and then sync your Google calendar with your iCal calendar you can keep all calendars updated with the same information.

Things You'll Need

  • Gmail account

Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to Download the Google calendar sync to your desktop. Double-click the download file to install it.

Step 2

Type your Gmail email address and password when prompted. Click "2-Way." Type in the number of times you want your calendars to sync and click "OK."

Step 3

Open your iCal application. Click "Preferences," "Accounts" and click the "+" sign.

Step 4

Type the name of your Google calendar. Enter your Gmail username and password when prompted.

Step 5

Click "Server Options" and type "" Replace "username" with your username. Click "Add."