How to Tag a PDF File

By Lanae Carr

PDF files are a convenient method of distributing information over the internet. They can help you market your business or sell products by increasing an online document's accessibility. Optimize your PDF's accessibility by adding tags to your document. If a PDF doesn't have tags, Acrobat attempts to tag it mechanically when users access it, but the results may be disappointing, according to Adobe. Add your own tags to PDF files to make them easier for others to find online.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat

Step 1

Start Acrobat and open the PDF document you wish to tag.

Step 2

Click the "Advanced" menu located on the main menu bar.

Step 3

Click "Accessibility," then "Add tags to document" from the sub-menu.

Step 4

Click "File," then "Save."

References & Resources