How to Take FREE Online Personality Test

By Techwalla Contributor

Many people wonder how their personality compares to other people, or they just want an interpretation of their personality. Having a psychology degree, I have taken many personality tests. With the widespread of the Internet, you can take a personality test online. Some sites will charge money, but you can also take many for FREE.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer with Internet
  • Time

Step 1

HAVE AN OPEN MIND.Many times people laugh at personality tests and think they are a complete joke. This may be true with some tests, but you can still take a personality test and get some insight.

Step 2

HAVE FUN.On the other hand, do not take the personality test too serious and get bent out of shape if you find out some questionable results. Have fun with it and compare the results with your friends. The online tests are one small part on determining your personality type.

Step 3

ALLOW YOURSELF SOME TIME.Many of the tests can take some time, so allow yourself time to take the personality test. Answer the questions truthfully and go with your first reaction.

Step 4

CHECK OUT WEB SITES. There are a few Web sites that offer a FREE personality test and then you can read more about the psychology behind it which can be informative and fun. One of the sites of course is which offers not only personality tests, but quizzes on career, health, relationships, and more.Another popular site is which offers their version of the Meyers-Briggs Personality test. yourpersonality.NET and explainyourbrain.COM offer a variety of interesting personality tests.

Tips & Warnings

  • Answer the questions honestly to get more accurate results.
  • Take a few tests to compare the results or different aspects of your personality.