How to Take The Internet With You Wherever You Go

By Techwalla Contributor

The Internet is one of the handiest tools for communication, education, entertainment and reference. The greatest thing about the Internet is that it is a cross platform technology meaning that there is an endless array of possibilities one can access the Internet, whether you are at work or at play. If you are a heavy or light Internet user having the Internet wherever you go can prove helpful below are some ways to keep the Internet accessible wherever you might go.

Step 1

HAVING A WIRELESS CARD WITH YOUR LAPTOPNot to be mistaken for an air card, a wireless card allows your laptop to detect local wireless networks that you can join to access the Internet. If you are traveling usually most major airports have free Internet access that can be accessed via this wireless card. The only set back is that some wireless networks charge you a fee to log on or they are protected with a wireless password.

Step 2

PURCHASE A AIR CARD WITH SERVICEAn air card is similar to a wireless card however the difference is that an air card is usually purchased through a wireless carrier and bundled with a service plan much like a cell phone. The great thing about air cards are that they give you internet access where ever you go ill regardless if you can connect to a wireless network or not. Basically it is a portable modem.

Step 3

TETHER YOUR PHONEIf you don't want to purchase a separate air card plan what some carriers offer with your cell phone service is a tethering option. What tethering does is that it allows your cell phone to act as an air card. Prices vary depending on your make and model of phone and generally the service is roughly 30 dollars on top of your monthly cell phone bill

Step 4

BUY A LAPTOP WITH AIR CARD SERVICEThis is a relatively new concept, the merger of a laptop and air card however it looks to have a lot of potential especially for people who travel a lot. Verizon offers a small lightweight hp mini laptop that comes with this combo and for $199 with activation you can't beat it.