How to Tell If Someone is Hacking Your eHarmony Account

By David Ferris

eHarmony is an established online dating services where singles look to connect with other singles. The site uses self-curated profiles and algorithmic matching formulas to help people find matches. Each account is password-protected, but you should be aware of the possibility of a security breach.

Step 1

Check your profile data and personal settings. Have they been altered in any way? This would be a tell-tale sign someone has illicitly accessed your account.

Step 2

Consider if your other private accounts (social networking accounts, email, etc.) have been hacked recently. This elevates the likelihood that your eHarmony account has also been hacked, especially if it shares the same password with other accounts that may have been compromised.

Step 3

Look at your inbox. Are any unread messages now marked as read? If so, this indicates that someone else has accessed your account and viewed unread messages.

Step 4

Check the credit card statement of the card you use for eHarmony services. If your eHarmony account was hacked, the credit card information might have been lifted and may result in fraudulent charges.

Step 5

Email the eHarmony security team at to report your concern. The team may be able to determine if your account was hacked.

Step 6

Change your password. This may not help you determine if your account has been hacked, but it's a prudent preventative step in case someone has compromised the security of your password.