How to Tell If Your Phone Has Been Hacked

By Brian Cleary

With 302.9 million cellular connections in the U.S., it is no wonder they are a prime target for eavesdropping. This is especially true given the majority of cellular users that have their phone on them or nearby 24 hours a day. With the popularity of smartphones, cellular devices have more personal data on them than ever before. Detecting if your phone has been hacked is challenging, but there are some signs you can pay attention to that will help clue you in to potential spy activity.

Step 1

Pay close attention to your phone bill. It is very important to review your phone bill each month, especially if your phone usage is consistent. If you notice strange charges, suspicious changes in minutes usage, further investigation is needed.

Step 2

Keep your phone in your possession at all times. Many forms of spyware must be installed on a phone to function properly. This requires that the person who intends to spy needs to have physical possession of your phone long enough to install the program. Be careful whom you lend your phone to.

Step 3

Watch for interference when your phone is near electrical equipment. Cellular phones naturally emit electromagnetic signals that interfere with electrical equipment on a normal basis. Watch for your phone interfering with electrical equipment when it is not supposed to. This may indicate that it is transmitting information even when it is supposedly dormant.

Step 4

Pay attention to suspicious battery drain. Phones that are not heavily used tend to have predictable battery life. If you begin noticing that your battery life is dramatically lessening, this may indicate the phone is trying to send large amounts of data at all hours of the day and night.

Step 5

Have your phone inspected by your carrier regularly and consider getting it wiped periodically. Like any other piece of electronics, high-tech phones need maintenance like a computer. Consider keeping all of your contacts and other data copied to an external location and having your phone wiped. Wiping a phone will get rid of any malicious software and will return the phone to its original factory settings.