How to Tell Someone They Really Smell

By Techwalla Contributor

Got a friend who smells bad? An individual at work who needs a wake up call because they have an odor problem? Uncomfortable letting them know they smell in person, don't want to hurt their feelings and want some free help? Perhaps you need an online hand and here's how.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Smelly Individual

Step 1

Take note of the individual who has the odor problem. Typical problems include bad breath, pit smells or body odor smells that only the imagination is allowed to repeat in the hollows of your sealed mind. Whatever the problem, start up your computer and open an internet window.

Step 2

Surf over to the website This is an English based website which brings to the attention of the smelly individual, via email, to recognize there is a problem.

Step 3

At the actual site, you will see you need to click the first box where you place the smelly individuals email. The second box is where you place the name (first name is probably the easiest.) Once you click the "Let them Know they Smell Button."

Step 4

If you want to see the note your smelly individual will receive, you can always place your email in the box, prior to sending them to others, and see the type of email sent. As you will note, it isn't very mean nor unkind, which is nice because sometimes people need a gentle reminder.

Tips & Warnings

  • This website receives about 100 smelly requests a day. Which means there is still a real need for perfume.