How to Tell What Generation an iPod Touch Is?

By Kristy Barkan

The iPod touch's first through fourth generations share many of the same design elements, and are virtually identical at a glance. The first generation of the iPod touch hit the shelves in late 2007, and as of April 2011, three subsequent models have been released. If you don't know the generation of an iPod touch and the product documentation is unavailable, you can examine the small design details that differ between models.

Step 1

Turn over the iPod touch so the back side is facing up. If the device has a protective or decorative cover that was purchased separately from the iPod, remove it.

Step 2

Examine the antennae cover -- the small section where the casing is black instead of silver -- on the back of the iPod. If the cover is oval-shaped, the iPod is either a second, third or fourth generation. If the cover is rectangular and reaches all the way to the edge of the case, the iPod touch is a first-generation model.

Step 3

Read the engraved text at the very bottom of the back of the iPod. If the model number is A1288, the iPod touch is of the second generation. If the model number is A1318, the device is of the third generation.

Step 4

Look for camera lens holes. The iPod touch fourth generation is the only generation that comes equipped with two cameras -- one built into the front side of the device and another on the back. On iPod touch devices of the fourth generation, one camera lens hole is visible above the screen and the other is next to the antennae cover.

Tips & Warnings

  • Each generation of iPod touch is available in multiple drive sizes. To determine the drive size of an iPod touch, select "Settings" from the main menu, and choose "About," "General" and "About."