How to Test Internet Speed

By Techwalla Contributor

Not sure what Internet Bandwidth speed you signed up for? Not sure how fast your surfing experience actually is? There are ways to check up on your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Here are some quick steps you can take to make sure you not only surf at Internet speeds you are supposed to, but that you get the actual speed you signed up for with your Internet Service Provider.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet

Step 1

Go to your computer and open up the Internet as usual. Wait a few minutes until your home web page is fully loaded, if needed.

Step 2

Enter or cut and paste into your web browser the site:

Step 3

Hit your enter key on the keyboard and watch the speed appear. It will be towards the middle of your screen and should appear in less than one minute. The speed will be listed in green.

Step 4

Look for a minimum of 720Kbps up to 3Mbps. If Internet speed listed on your screen is less than that, please contact your Internet Service Provider immediately. The number should be on your bill.

Step 5

Repeat steps two through five if the speed does not appear or stalls. If that does not help, run the test in a different web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Tips & Warnings

  • Locate your bill or contract if you are unsure of what Internet Tier of Service you signed up for.
  • Open up a new window so the current window you are surfing in does not disappear.
  • Speeds are estimates and will vary from time to time.

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