How to Test Words Per Minute Typing Speed

By Jaime Avelar

Knowing how to test your keyboard typing speed can help you improve your typing skills which can save you time when using a computer. You can buy typing test software or you can use free typing test websites. In a few steps you can find out how many words per minute you can type and try to improve over time. Being able to type faster can definitely give you the skills required to use a computer effectively.

Step 1

Visit the Typing Test website (see Resources). After the website loads, select a time and a description of the text you want to type.

Step 2

Press "Start Typing Test" when you're ready. The test starts when you start typing.

Step 3

Start typing the text you see being displayed in the middle of your screen. While you're typing you'll see the timer, typing speed and errors on the right of the screen. In the end of your test, you'll see an average typing speed based on a survey of 15,000 test takers and your typing speed.