How to Text From the Internet to a Phone

By William Jackson

Texting costs money and is typically performed via a cellular phone. However, texting can be free--if done over the Internet. But the text messenger must know where to go online and how to send the text. Fortunately, sending texts from the Internet to a phone is a relatively simple affair.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet connection

Step 1

Open up an Internet browser and go to txtDrop, located at

Step 2

Enter your email address into the "Email" field of the form now in front of you. This is the email to which replies to your text, if any, will be sent.

Step 3

Enter the cell phone number of the intended recipient of the text message into the "Phone Number" field.

Step 4

Enter the text of your text message into the "Text Message" field. Keep in mind that an especially long message may break up into two or more messages on the recipient's cell phone.

Step 5

Click "Send." Your text message should appear on the recipient's cell phone within seconds.

Tips & Warnings

  • The free text-messaging-from-the-Internet service textDrop is only one of several such services. Another is TextForFree (at