How to Text Smiley Faces on a Cell Phone

By Marie Wright

One of the many emoticons used during text messaging, to send expressions, is the smiley face. Often, these emoticons are included under special symbols on the phone. But in case they aren't, you can still send text smiley faces by using certain keys on the keypad.

Step 1

Click on your text icon to send a text message. This is different on each phone. If you don't have a text icon, then you may have to click "Menu" to get to text options.

Step 2

Include a smiley face in your text by using the colon, dash and parenthesis keys, like this: :-)

Step 3

Press "Send" to send your message.

Tips & Warnings

  • Other common emoticons used are A smiley wink ;-) poking out your tongue :-P and the sad face :-(

References & Resources