How to Text to Multiple Recipients on an iPhone

By Gregory Scott

Sending text messages on your iPhone to a single recipient is pretty straightforward. But if you have a broad announcement or want to send a message to a group of friends, you'll want to send it to all of them simultaneously. Thankfully, the iPhone makes this action fairly intuitive because it is similar to sending an email to multiple addresses.

Step 1

Push the "Messages" button on your iPhone home screen. This appears as a green button with a speech balloon on it.

Step 2

Push the small button in the top-right corner of your screen that has a pencil and paper icon on it. This creates a new text message.

Step 3

Enter the name or phone number of the first person you wish to text. If they're in your contacts list, you'll just see their name displayed.

Step 4

Notice the cursor remains in the "To:" field. You can continue to enter names here by pushing the "+" button until you're finished. You can also enter the phone numbers of recipients not in your address book by entering them manually.

Step 5

Compose your text message and hit "Send." Your text will be delivered to the recipients you specified all at once, just like an email list.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cell phone carriers charge a fee for text message services for both senders and recipients.