How to Trace a Cell Phone Call

By Techwalla Contributor

Ever wonder who just called your cell phone? If you are like me, you don't answer any cell phone calls that caller ID does not know. I always let it go to voice mail. However, does it bother you when someone doesn't leave a voice mail and you want to know who called you? This article will tell you how!

Step 1

The easiest step is to simply type the phone number into Google. If it is a business, you will more than likely get some pages informing you of the business. You might also come across "Who calls me from.." forums where people discuss who the number belongs to.

Step 2

Conduct a reverse phone number lookup. A great site is or Simply type in the phone number that called you (Including area code). Some of these sites will ask you to pay for all of the information, however, you can usually get the city that the person lives in. This will really help you narrow down on who called you.

Step 3

You can also go to and try there. This is probably the best site to try if you are trying to locate who called you. It contains over 170 million cell phone numbers! I just tried my cell phone number and it gives the correct city and state that I live in!

Step 4

If none of the above work, simply try texting the number back asking "Who is this". If it is a cell phone, you will more than likely get a response. If it is a land line, you will probably receive a message from your carrier stating that it is a land line and cannot receive texts.