How to Trace a Mobile Number in India

By Alan Temple

It can be useful to trace a mobile number whether you are simply curious about where a call originated from or if you want to track down the source of nuisance calls. To complete the trace of a specific number from India, all you need is the full ten digit phone number and a computer with an Internet connection.

Step 1

Logon to an Internet site like India Trace, Tech Dreams or Bharatiya Mobile (see Resources.) These sites provide the user with an opportunity to trace an Indian mobile number instantly.

Step 2

Type the ten digit Indian number into the text bar provided. Do not add any country codes or prefixes such as +011. Simply put in the ten digit number.

Step 3

Click on "Search" to allow the program to search for the base location of that mobile phone.

Step 4

Look at the map or text display for the answer. The location of the number will be displayed on the page within a matter of seconds, either in text or as a map display.