How to Trace a Person for Free

By Nicole Byerly

Tracing a person allows you to find more information on an individual. You can find a person's current address and phone number as well as family relationships, previous addresses, and previous phone numbers. Tracing a person for free online is completely possible with the number of free information websites that have been created to assist people in reconnecting with loved ones.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Persons name

Step 1

Load one of the people search websites in your computer's web browser. "" and "" are websites that are used daily to trace people for free.

Step 2

Type in the name of the individual you want to trace in the bar labeled "Name."

Step 3

Select the state where the individual was last known to reside by clicking the arrow next to the state list.

Step 4

Click "Search" to obtain a list of individuals that match your search criteria. This will prompt a list to load in your web browser with all the individuals that match your search.

Step 5

Limit your search to two to three people by looking at the birth year and age. Limit the search to the specific person you are looking for by viewing "Possible Relatives." This list will name one or more individuals who are known to be related to the specific person you are looking for.

Step 6

View the name, address, and phone number of the individual. Call the number if you are trying to contact them, or try sending a letter.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some websites may charge for extended information on individuals such as address history, email address, cell phone number, and criminal background.