How to Trace a Private Caller

By Candice Abrams

It can be a scary and frustrating experience to continually receive phone calls from a private caller and not be able to identify who is on the other end. You will know when an incoming call is private if it says "Unavailable" or "Private." This means that the caller intentionally blocked his or her call before dialing your number. Tracing a private call does not have to be hopeless. Try the following tricks to trace the private caller, and to find out the reason of the call.

Step 1

Allow the call to go to voice mail. Listen to the message if the caller leaves one. Oftentimes, the person will leave his or her name and contact number.

Step 2

Press *69 immediately after the phone stops ringing. This dials back the private caller. Wait for the caller to answer. Explain that you received a private call from this number and you would like a name of the caller and reason for the call.

Step 3

Press the "Redial" button on your phone. Depending on your phone, the "Redial" button immediately dials the last incoming or outgoing call. If a person answers, explain your situation as in Step Two.

Step 4

Contact your telephone provider. Verify your account information and ask for line blocking. This paid service displays the contact information of private and unavailable callers who contact you. The initial set up and costs will vary by provider.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are receiving harassing or threatening calls, inform your local law enforcement as well as your telephone provider.