How to Trace Mobile Number Locations

By Chanel Adams

If you receive a call from unfamiliar mobile number, you may want to trace its location and find out who the owner is. If you own a touch screen phone, PDA or Smartphone you can search for GPS applications that track the location of the mobile number in the apps store, located on your phone. You can also do a simple reverse phone search on your computer. Either method you use will give you the general location of the phone. However, you will have to pay extra for finding out the owner's name, home address and background information.

Through a GPS Tracking Application

Step 1

Locate a GPS tracking application. Select "Applications" on your screen with your finger or stylus.

Step 2

Type the phrase, "GPS Tracking" into the search field of your onscreen keypad. Tap "Search."

Step 3

Select the GPS tracking application that you want to install. Wait for the application to finish installing on your phone.

Step 4

Tap on the application. Select the option for mobile tracing or mobile tracking.

Step 5

Enter the mobile number you want to search. Click "Search." The mobile phone's location (city and state) will appear.

Through a Reverse Phone Search Website

Step 1

Find a reverse phone search website. Examples include Reverse Phone Trace, AnyWho and 411 (see Resources).

Step 2

Type the phone number into the field. Click "Search."

Step 3

Wait for the search results page to load. The location of the mobile number will appear.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some apps require a fee.