How to Trace Private Calls

By Molleen

Obscene, harassing or unwanted phone calls can be very annoying. Threatening calls can literally unnerve a person, which no one should take lightly. People who make these types of calls usually hide their number in order to prevent detection. There are many ways a person can protect himself from the abuse. You do have options to uncover the tormentor, using resources like the local phone company and police.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone book

Step 1

Keep a detailed record of all the calls that come to your number. Make sure to include the date, time and length of the call, and what was said to you.

Step 2

Tape your incoming calls without the caller knowing. In some states this is illegal, but special circumstances do allow you to record your own phone.

Step 3

Contact the police and your local phone provider to report the nuisance. Go to the police station and file a report so it is duly noted on public record. Use your phone log from home to help write a correct and detailed report of the harassment.

Step 4

Contact your phone provider and ask them to enable the call tracing feature on your line. The number traced will then be passed on to your local police department to be matched with the information you have filed.

Step 5

Contact the police and request the caller information that was provided to them by the phone company. (Most phone companies will provide the number only to the police.)

Step 6

There is a program called Trap Call on the market that tells you the number the person is calling from. Trap Call is a special pay subscription service.

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