How to Track a Hidden IP Address

By Lita McLeary

The IP address identifies a computer from the rest of the world when connecting to the Internet. Without it, computers will not be able to communicate with one another in the virtual world. Internet users often use a "proxy" to hide their real IP addresses in the attempt to secure their online activities. The proxy server gives an IP address that reroutes to a different place. You can detect a hidden IP address in a few steps.

Step 1

Find out the IP address of the Internet user by way of an email message. In the sender's email address, the user's IP address should be included. If you are using Gmail, open the email message and click the drop-down arrow beside "Reply." Select "Show Original." If you are using Yahoo Mail classic, open the email and click "Full Header." If you are using Yahoo Mail Beta, open the email and click "Actions." Select "Full Header" and look for the IP address in the header. The IP address should be something like

Step 2

Use an online proxy detector to detect if the IP address is a proxy or not. Enter the complete IP address into the detector.

Step 3

Wait for the website to scan the IP address and show you the general IP information. Upon scanning, you will be informed if the IP address being used is under a proxy server or not.