How to Track EMS

By Willie Jones

EMS (Express Mail Service) is used to ship international packages through the post office. Many wholesalers, international eBay sellers and retailers use this service. Packages can be tracked through the postal provider in your country or region. EMS is the only way to track shipments, when sending a package outside the country, if you are using USPS.

Step 1

Locate your tracking number. You can track an EMS package through the United States Postal Service website. If you are in another country, you can track the package using your local postal service. Another way to track an EMS package is by using the EMS website; however, you will need to log onto the site specific to the country of origin.

Step 2

Track the package online or over the phone. Each time the package is scanned and arrives at a new location, the status will be updated. If you do not see updates or the status of your package is unclear, call your local post office.

Step 3

Wait for delivery or arrange to pick your item up at your local post office. You will need to have a state-issued ID, passport or other acceptable form of ID if you pick the package up. If your package did not arrive or cannot be located, claim the value which was provided by the shipper on the original package slip.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will need to be home to sign for an EMS package.
  • Your package may be held up in customs if it was marked as merchandise by the shipper. If the package isn't marked as a gift, you may be required to pay a charge for duty.
  • Verify your tracking number with your local post office to verify that it is valid, if ordering goods internationally from an unknown retailer, to prevent fraud.

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