How to Track Incoming Calls on a Cell Number

By Palmer Owyoung

Most parents would rather not eavesdrop on their children. But if your child befriends questionable people, you want to know if they're calling your child's cell phone. Cell phones are an ideal tool to ensure you child's safety, but they can also be predators' best friends in gaining access to your child's whereabouts. One way to check is to track your child's incoming calls. There are several software options that allow you to track a designated cell phone number's activity.

Things You'll Need

  • Mobile phone spy software

Step 1

Choose a mobile phone spy software. A few brands to consider include E-Spy, Neo-Call, and MobiStealth. These products cost between $15.00 to $99.00 as of 2010.

Step 2

Get Flexispy. In addition to checking incoming calls it allows you to intercept text messages, emails, and eavesdrop on phone conversations. You can control the target phone remotely using text message commands and view any information that you want on it. The data from the target phone is also automatically uploaded to a password protected website at regular intervals. You can log in to this website and download the call records along with, photos, videos, contacts and more.

Step 3

Sign up for MobileSpy, which works like Flexispy. MobileSpy won't allow you to listen in on phone conversations, but it will allow you to check incoming call records, text messages, and GPS locations every 30 minutes. You can also check the calls the user is making. All of this is uploaded to a password protected website that you can check at your leisure. You can purchase MobileSpy for $99.97 a year or $49.97 quarterly.

Step 4

Purchase Neo-Call. This program works with about 100 different models of phones. In addition to being able to get a list of incoming and outgoing calls, you can also control the target phone remotely, listen in on all calls, and eavesdrop on conversations. Although this program has the most features of the three, it is also the costliest. As of 2010, the price starts at $285 and goes up to $850.