How to Track IP Addresses

By Lilyanna Fragoso

Every computer is assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address. This address is like a street address because it is necessary in order to receive and send information over the Internet. Computers that share a common router and are connected to the same network will have a similar IP address. The IP address is written by four groups of numbers separated by periods. IP number groups are a combination of zero to 255. An IP address is simple to track, but the process requires a tracking program. An IP address can be obtained by finding it on an e-maill sent to you.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet access
  • E-mail account

Step 1

Find the IP address from an e-mail you have received. The exact process for finding the IP address from an e-mail will vary depending on the provider of your e-mail account.

Step 2

To find an IP address in Outlook, select the file menu and select the "properties" function. In Yahoo, open the email and select "Full headers" on the upper right corner. Find the IP address and write down the address.

Step 3

In the address bar of your Internet browser type the address of an IP address lookup website such as, or (see References). Press enter and wait until the home page of the website appears.

Step 4

On the homepage, look for the IP address input box. In the input box, type in the IP address and click the submit button.

Step 5

The search will not give you much information about the IP address. The search will give you the user's Internet service provider. There should also be an approximate location of the user, such as the city and state.

Step 6

The name of the IP address user will not be released. Internet service providers typically only release user's names in response to court orders or other legal actions.