How to Transfer a Favorites List to an External Hard Drive

By Kefa Olang

In Internet Explorer, the Favorites folder contains a list of your favorite websites. When you bookmark websites in IE, they are automatically saved in the Favorites folder where you can launch them again quickly anytime you want. IE also allows you to backup the Favorites list to an external hard drive, so that if your computer crashes, you have a backup copy of the webpages that are important to you.

Things You'll Need

  • Firewire or USB cable
  • External hard drive

Step 1

Connect your external hard drive to your computer using your USB or Firewire cable. Turn on your external hard drive if it does not turn on automatically.

Step 2

Click the "Start" menu and click "Internet Explorer" to launch your browser. Click the "Favorites" button, click the down arrow on the "Add to Favorites" button and then click "Import and Export" to launch the "Import/Export Settings" dialog box.

Step 3

Click the "Export a file" link and click "Next." Select the "Favorites" check box and click "Next." Select the folder that you want to export your favorites from and click "Next."

Step 4

Select your external hard drive as the location to save the Favorites folder in. Type a new name for the Favorites file if you want to use a different name than "bookmark.htm," the default name.

Step 5

Click "Export." If you want to replace a file with the same name, click "Yes," otherwise, click "No." Click "Finish." IE saves the Favorites file to your external hard drive.